Aggad Investment Company (AICO)

The Aggad Investment Company (AICO), established in 1975 by Sheikh Omar Aggad, was founded with the aim of participating in and contributing to the rising prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. Today, Sheikh Omar’s vision has been realized, as AICO stands firmly at the helm of seven thriving companies and is a recognized leader in the automotive, communications, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance and consumer goods sectors. Through its subsidiaries, AICO’s reach extends throughout Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan and Central and West Africa.

The Riyadh-based AICO’s strength lies within the fundamental entrepreneurial outlook expressed in the diversity of its investment portfolio. From wireless communications and building materials to automobiles and medical equipment, its strategic partnerships with global brands and multinational companies resonate clearly in the local and regional markets.

AICO drives each of its subsidiaries towards financial success by demanding performance excellence and international best practices, which create a platform for intelligent, durable growth and greater regional opportunities.

Sheikh Omar A. Aggad
Founder & Chairman

The favorable business climate created by the Saudi government combined with a sound internal corporate structure and a motivated, skilled team have been the backbone and driving force of AICO’s value proposition, which it will confidently carry forth in the decades to come.


To contribute to the economic development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region by providing essential and superior products and services to its people, thereby achieving solid financial success and continued growth.


To supply the market with exceptional goods and professional services, creating a sustainable and compelling value proposition that includes an expanding circle of customers, clients, partners and financial institutions.