The Aggad Investment Company is a diversified Saudi investment-holding company which was established in 1975 by Sheikh Omar Aggad with three major objectives in mind: to play a significant part in industrializing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and developing its manpower, and, in pursuit of these two objectives, to generate adequate profits for expansion. This was at a time when the Kingdom was experiencing unprecedented expansion in the industrial and service sectors thus presenting new opportunities and opening new horizons. AICO has consequently utilized its resources to invest in companies in the manufacturing, distribution, service and consumer product sectors. Aico’s portfolio of holdings has always been adaptable to where it feels its largest opportunities are. Aico’s intention is to make each company they invest in one of the leaders in its field, and to ensure this they utilize a five-point strategy which has proven to be both durable and adaptable:

  • Identify a product or service that is needed in the Kingdom -either to replace imports or to meet an unfulfilled demand.
  • Establish a sound financial base, including strong local partnerships.
  • Acquire the latest technology, usually by establishing a joint venture or entering a technical or distribution agreement with an international company.
  • Install rigorous quality control regimes and standard operating procedures.
  • Employ only the most capable people, and make sure they are equipped with the most modern management techniques.

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